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Mts fleet for medical logistics

MTS Logistics has specially equipped vehicles available for logistics in the field of medical technology. The size of the vehicles ranges from 2.5 to 18 tons. This enables us to offer you vehicles tailored to your requirements and the scope of your delivery.


As a company specializing in logistics for medical technology, we attach great importance to safe and successful transport. This requires specialized equipment in our vehicles.

Our vehicles are therefore optimally equipped for the transport of medical technology. These include air-suspension, box bodies heated cargo areas, lifting platforms and lift trucks, as well as lashing and restraint points for load securing. The transport of unpackaged goods is one of the special services we are providing to you, this is why we protect unpacked goods with a special foam to guarantee they arrive safely.

  • LKW von MTS
  • Unser Transporter für medizinische Lieferungen
  • Für jede Lieferung das richtige Fahrzeug
  • Die LKW-Flotte von MTS

Together with the MTS cooperation and service partners, numerous employees that are trained in handling medical devices are available in several European countries to offer you a service that is almost Europe-wide.