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- Service

Our service for medical device manufacturers and costumers

In addition to the usual range of services, it is important for the MTS team to offer you extensive additional services. In addition to the transport of the devices, you also have the opportunity to take advantage of ready-to-connect installation and the assembly of medical devices.

  • Cleaning and wipe disinfection of medical devices
  • Safe transportation of medical devices

MTS Logistics defines itself as an integrated part of the sales network of medical devices producers. Thus, MTS Logistics consequently concentrates on the challenges of the "last mile". Demanding and ambitious doctors and medical staff in surgeries and hospitals expect and assess delivery just in time, appearance and attitude of the drivers, clean and ready-to-operate medical devices.

  • Unpacking medical devices
  • Assembly of medical devices

Technical Service

Furthermore, we offer comprehensive technical services and additional services, such as:

  • Transport and delivery of unpacked devices, storage, commissioning, configuration, packing, cleaning, wiping disinfection and light repairs.
  • Customizing products
  • Refurbishment of demo units incl. repainting
  • Transport to recycling companies
  • Exhibition-service incl. mounting of smaller stands
  • Software-Updates/Upgrades
  • Functional tests, checks for electrical safety, operational tests according to valid checklists
  • "Light" refurbishment

The documentation of all services is done via digital proofs and checklists.

Hygiene and privacy

In the medical field in particular, hygiene cannot be taken seriously enough. We guarantee the arrival of clean equipment and take care of the cleaning and wipe disinfection for you. In the age of digital media, data protection is also becoming increasingly important for medical device manufacturers and consumers. For this reason, we can take over the deletion of patient data for you according to your specifications.